Ottmar Liebert was born in German in the year 1959. He was a guitarist as well as a composer. His father’s homeland is China and his mother’s homeland is Hungary. From the childhood he spent his whole time in traveling from Europe to Asia with his family members. He guides a musical ensemble which is known as Luna
Negra, from this he gained a lot and became famous in performing touring group and recorded his music albums of new flamenco.

With Luna Negra group, Ottmar Liebert recorded his works from the year 1990. Since then his workforce gradually changed with Jon Gagan.

Five times Ottmar Liebert has been selected for an award of Grammy. He pursued firstly his aspirations as a rock and roll a French brand in his homeland Germany and then in the city of Boston. He played in Boston as RED an alternative musical band with Stefan his brother.

He shifted to the city of Sante Fe in the state of New Mexico. In the year 1989, he established the first musical band Luna Negra. The innovative album new flamenco started his life as a remarkable one and he himself released in the local villages which is referred as Marita. Frank Howell, the local artist took copies of the innovative albums of Liebert and distributed it in his own galleries. When these records founded in the radio stations, all the listeners were giving good response to his works. Higher Octave, the record label independent
picked his recordings and released in the new version. From the year 1990, he released nearly twenty-five albums together with live releases of 15 CDs and Christmas CDs of music which is of original ones including DVD.

Ottmar Liebert received thirty-eight certifications of platinum and gold in United States of America and also from New Zealand, Australia and Canada. His works in first appearance of albums were sold as platinum and became the foremost selling of guitar albums all the time. He was appointed as Zen Mark by the Zen teacher, Dennis Genpo Merzel at the center of Kanzeon Zen in the City of Salt Lake in the state of Utah.

Ottmar also gives a helping hand to childrens charities and had done so in 1996 with the addition of his song, This Spring Release 10,000 Butterflies, a lovely solo instrumental piece which flutters about much like a butter fly, to the online charity music CD, “Guitarists 4 the Kids”, which also features the music of talented guitar players Robert Fripp, Alice Stuart, Johannes Linstead, Steve Lukather and many others.